Welcome to your local hair stylist in Speyer

We hope you understand that we are not able to provide all pages in English. With this page we want to give you an idea why our salon in Speyer is one of the top-rated beauty salons in the Mannheim/Heidelberg area. So, what makes us unique and why are we having an English web-page? Emine Funk, owner and heart of our salon has worked for many years abroad. But not only as a stylist or make-up artist. Emine managed a SPA and a beauty academy in the United Arab Emirates, worked as a trainer for hair-dressing and make-up, won the precious Hair Idol Middle-East award, is creating fancy hair-dresses like Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab and much more. If you have a look at the pictures of our hair studio and our impressions, you will realize that the style and ambiance is not as with regular salons.

A few statements from our customers

Some Impressions

Please have a look at the work we have done jointly with our customers and partners. 

Our salon for hair and beauty

Just drop in and find out!

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“Same Same But Different”

We do not want to be one more hairdresser doing haircuts and other services in the average quality and style. It is our aim to provide our customers something special they do not find somewhere else, an exceptional experience, customer focus, highest quality combined with a welcoming atmosphere are some of the values you can expect from us. Our aim is to deliver crafted refinement, be up-to-date with the latest trends and deliver the highest quality. For some people it is just a hair-cut or a style, for us it is passion and to let your individual type shine.

Our services for You

Our portfolio comprises a wide range of services around make-up and hairdressing, but our specialties are wedding styles, pinned up hair-style, extensions, color change and blow-dry. Based on our international experience we are very familiar with the challenges of Asian or Middle East hair structure and used to create local styles and make-up.


Your perfect lady’s cut or men’s cut

Blow Dry, GHD Styling or the perfect pinned up hair-style for your special event

Roots & refresh, colour change, bleach & tone

Hair care with Olaplex and Keratin

Hair Extension and Quickies with Great Lengths and Hairdreams

Make-Up and Cosmetics

Evening Make-Up or for the business style or special events we are looking forward emphasizing your personality and personal beauty

Everything for your eyelashes

Facial hair removal

Your special moments - Weddings/Events

Bride style (hair & make-up), the perfect look for your wedding

The right styling for your special events like photo shootings, fashion, business or beauty

Make-Up Acacemy

We offer individual Make-up courses based on MAC

How to find us

Our salon is in the middle of the beautiful town Speyer. If you go to the menu point “Parking” you find a list of parking locations quite close to our salon. If you click on one of the links you will get directions how to get from the respective parking to us. Enjoy the beautiful town Speyer and just drop in to get a first impression from us. We are looking forward welcoming you!